Solar cooking

For full prices including postage click on image of product or link  at end of Product description                                 -Our deluxe solar oven is now available in Australia!

European made, huge internal cooking space (42x35x20cm), double glazed glass lid. Can bake, boil, roast, dehydrate, thermal cook and more. Best solar oven design and performance!

This is what we call our 'every day - for ever' oven, because we believe it's something you can use every day, and with a little care, for many years to come. 

Key features: 
• Double glazed glass lid and compartment insulation - this means great retention of heat, so it gets hotter faster and stays hot longer 
• Internal reflective panels, extender panel and removal side panel - control the temperature of your oven by adding as many or as little of the reflectors as required. 
• Unlike other solar oven designs, the SunCook can be used as a residual-heat cooker - if it's dark or raining you can still cook! Use your conventional stove to bring your pot to the boil. Then wrap it in a towel and put it into the SunCook with the lid closed. The insulation in the oven is so good that the food will remain hot and cooking for hours to come. Perfect for slow to cook foods like brown rice, whole oats, chickpeas or lentils, vegetables or soups. 
• Large internal cooking space, allowing for multiple pots - great for cooking a soup and bread, curry and rice, soup and polenta at the same time 
• Packs down neatly into a sturdy carry case. 
• Stylish design 
• FREE - Two free cooking dishes specially designed for solar cooking (thin and black). 1 light weight non stick cooking pot with a fitted lid (d x h 20 x 13cm) and one lightweight non stick roasting pan (40 x 25 x 4cm) 
• FREE - Precision Internal oven thermometer 
• FREE - Sun Cook recipe book - filled with simple to gourmet recipes to inspire your cooking adventures please Mention you heard about The suncook range from Michael French.

A great way to boil a cuppa on the beach or anywhere is the Sun rocket solar kettle Phone Heather to order on 0410513815
You can  purchase  the portable solar hot water system directly from our Australian distributor at
 please mention Michael French when ordering your products for a great deal .WANT TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE ABOUT THE PORTABLE SOLAR HOT WATER UNIT? Phone Heather on 0410513815 to discuss how you can use a portable solar hot water unit for your needs please mention Michael french recommended sun-cooking  Australia .


This portable hot water system is perfect for RV owners caravans backyard sheds camping ect .
I just cooked a full pork roast in the sun oven tasted delicious tender and moist.

About Us

Sun is what this site is all about… solar cooking with the Power of the Sun.

I have had a keen interest for years in the ability of this earth’s natural resources to provide us with the means to “power up” our homes, our cities and our way of life.

From the time I was a youngster though, I have always felt that we as human beings can do a lot better than we are currently doing when it comes to managing and utilizing the abundant and priceless natural resources God has blessed us with on our beautiful planet.

I developed this appreciation for the earth and its natural resources through my experiences in the mountains, deserts and forests of my home state of Utah and also during five years overseas in Europe and South America.

But I would have to say that my life in a small rural town, tending our family garden, milking the neighbors cows, hauling hay from the fields, camping, hiking, hunting, and restoring and cleaning natural sites, paths and waterways in the mountains and on the farms of my rural boyhood town; these are what ingrained within me a desire to preserve and sustain these gifts for future generations.

Solar cooking, in my mind, is just an extension of who I am and what I enjoy.

I love nature and I love food.

solar oven wheat bread
The two go hand in hand; picnics, camping, barbecuing at the beach or in a park or the mountains, and best of all I can do my Solar Cooking any where I care to try it.

I love to share my knowledge of the benefits and the practicality of solar cooking.

I even teach a class on solar cooking for our local community education program which is administered by the local college and the city of St. George.

I invite everyone to come and find out more about this fascinating world of:Using the power of the sun to cook.
To order a suncook product go to  the link below to order directly from Cantinawest or its Australian resellers.
Sincerely yours,
Nathan Parry

 You can also purchase directly from our Australian distributor at  please mention Michael French when ordering your products for a great deal .

The Global Sun Oven® is the world's most widely used solar oven. Solar cooking has been around for centuries, but up to now, not many people have had the opportunity to try cooking with the sun. Using the most advanced materials, the Sun Oven takes all the hassles out of solar cooking to create the ultimate solar appliance. The sun oven can be used in the winter as well as summer. It has been used very successfully at below zero conditions at a base camp on Mt. Everest. Measures 19" x 19" with an average depth of 11". The total weight is only 21 pounds. You can bake bread, make cookies, pizza, muffins, or anything you could prepare using a conventional oven. The Global Sun Oven® lets you harness the power of the sun to cook without fuel and is currently being used in over 126 countries around the world. Sundance Solar is proud to carry this high quality solar appliance that is designed to last a lifetime.
And to get the most out of your sun oven you can learn to cook anything with your sun oven with this great book Cooking with sunshine by Lorraine Anderson.